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Say Yes Day: Celebrating Year One, Reflecting on Success, & Looking Ahead

Updated: May 7, 2021

What would you do with a “Yes Day”? Netflix’s trending movie, Yes Day, is about seizing opportunity and being receptive to all the world brings to your doorstep. So often, “no'' is our go-to answer. Skydive? Nope. Try a new career? Not happening, baby. But there is something powerful about saying “yes” –exploring new endeavors and professional adventures; which is exactly what Say Yes Business Solutions’ founder, Ellie Davis, did on March 8th, 2020 (our official,“Yes Day”).

Ellie realized her talents, drive and dream of nurturing other businesses was something she could pursue, even amid a pandemic. While growing her client portfolio with businesses who trusted her vision and expanding her team of gurus, the last 365 was more than any start-up boutique marketing and design agency could anticipate.

  • 36 new small businesses clients served

  • 14 website builds

  • 1,001 social media posts

  • Over 700 graphic designs

Initially daunting? Absolutely. Rewarding and exciting? YES!

Watching clients thrive and achieve their goals is beyond fulfilling and the team at Say Yes is thrilled to celebrate Ellie’s dream as we continue to foster it.

At Say Yes, we are enthusiastic, go-getters who are here to make your brand shine as we enter our next chapter. Thank you for your support during our inaugural year, it was a sweet one, and here’s to many more…

Ready to grow your brand and Say Yes? Let’s chat!


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