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Christmas in July: Why your business should celebrate prior to winter.

Is your business doing a "Christmas in July" sale? Tell us in the comments!

E-commerce and retail know the value of celebrating the holiday season, so why not embrace some mid-year gains with “Christmas in July”?! Even while enjoying pool days and popsicles, consumers love the joy of the holiday season, and it is a fun way to rejuvenate your summer sales while testing your November/December plans.

A Christmas in July Promotional plan or social campaign can be perfect for:

· Family-oriented businesses

· Non-Profits

· E-commerce

· And even to enhance BOGO or gift card sales

From Santa in sunglasses to pairing with a charity to do-good, there are endless ways to execute this:

· Have a social media giveaway

· Sales and limited time savings

· Holiday themed in-person event

Don’t forget, pre- pandemic, shoppers relied heavily on brick and mortar shopping but in 2021, buying habits have shifted with buyers being far more reliant on web based shopping experiences. This July can be a time to test drive your holiday promos early. Then you have ample time to adjust inventory, web page performance and more so that your brand reputation and consumer satisfaction rates hold strong.

Utilizing Christmas in July is creative and becoming more popular with audiences. Why not unpack those ugly Christmas sweaters, even when you're wearing flip

flops? Your brand and business will benefit from some added holiday spirit — have a happy summer, and Merry Christmas early...

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