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Why Your Business *Needs* to Outsource Social Media

Time is money and no one knows this better than a business owner. You realize that managing social media is crucial in today’s marketing mix, but the day-to-day tasks are never ending. Soon, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the time demands of social media and even losing the creative motivation to execute a social campaign effectively.

Within the ever-expanding world of social, businesses can find it difficult to create and manage their multitudes of channels. Some CEOs hear “hashtags” and want to run. Others try to delegate this critical task to a tech savvy individual on staff, but quickly determine it’s too brand centric to simply “see what happens”. This is your brand, your creation and it needs some attention.

This is where we come in— creating your brand’s unique story and sharing it in the right places, at the right time. Now, at a glance, what does outsourced social media strategy include?

Don't let your social media presence bring your business down!

  • Your social media management team identifies which channels are ideal for your brand. Not every business needs to be on TikTok! We work alongside you to determine where your target audience is spending their online time.

  • After assessing your business’ goals, an individualized plan is crafted. Do you only require assistance in creating branded posts? Need an editorial calendar? Is full management recommended to include responding to comments, reviews and messages? The options are endless.

  • Do your fans want to hear from you occasionally or they just can't get enough of your brand? This is cadence, the frequency in which we need to be communicating to your customers and potential buyers. Often this is what can become tiresome when trying to manage your social media independently as you try to stay on schedule.

  • Branding is consistent imagery and utilizing your brand voice across all touchpoints with your consumer is essential. Social media has the amazing opportunity to build conversations with your audience and be visually compelling but it must be on-brand to be effective. Our talented creatives know how to do this for your business.

  • We geek out on numbers. Examining what is productive and where there are growth opportunities, either organically or paid, will benefit your business while navigating the social media landscape.

Social media can become a shining star in your marketing plan. When done well, it is storytelling with millions of your closest “friends” and we want to make sure they know to tag you…


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