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Building Your Brand Voice

Updated: May 7, 2021

You know your product line, services and verticals, but can you communicate your brand voice?

Describing your “vibe” can be tough! Your logo is a great start visually, but it has to be consistently supported with strategic copy or as we call it, storytelling. Your brand needs a heartbeat, and this is what storytelling provides, especially in a crowded marketplace.

Those golden arches beckoning you? Yep, their fries (and branding) are successfully imprinted and can potentially determine buying choices. But beyond colors and graphics, is where the story resides. This is where we share your brand’s culture, vibe and promise to consumers. “Just do it”? You don't even have to see the aesthetics to know what product we are referencing. But how can your business achieve this milestone? Here are some suggestions for start-ups or existing companies looking for a glow-up for their brand:

Say Yes:

  • Developing consistent and distinct messages for all channels. This can range from initial creation to auditing of your current messaging to see what is building meaningful moments and converting buyers.

  • Ensure your mission statement, vision, tagline and core messaging are consistent and truly reflect your brand’s personality. These are your tried and true constants that build brand loyalty.

  • The best content whether via social, blog or web site based, elevates your brand personality and encourages engagement. Think talking with your target audience, not at them.

  • Build strategic partnerships that support the brand voice through social media, promotions and community building.

Say No:

  • Avoid sharing irrelevant or low-quality content across social media and other consumer touchpoints. This reflects on the quality of your brand. It’s better to say nothing than nothing towards the purpose.

  • Don't make your story an afterthought. Prioritize the importance of your brand’s voice just as you would payroll, advertising, or product development.

  • Inconsistency is the enemy of brand voice. Once developed, it must be maintained and monitored for successes and potential shortcomings.

Building a comprehensive brand strategy to maximize brand voice can help businesses achieve their goals, engage with target audiences and go beyond staying top of mind — become unforgettable.

We would love to hear more about your vision, your goals and your needs. Schedule a discovery call and learn how Say Yes can build your brand voice today.

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