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What is CX Marketing? Creating exceptional customer interactions

Learn how to create loyal customers who keep coming back.

Build it and they will come— if it was only that simple! Today’s consumers have plenty of choices in the marketplace, so nurturing your relationship with them is paramount, unless you want them to start visiting a competitor.

But what exactly is Customer Experience Marketing or CX Marketing? It’s when marketers shift the focus from “selling” and recenter, aligning with their customers expectations to deliver differentiated experiences. Your brand can not underestimate the power of an emotional connection too – it’s natural that consumers desire a positive interaction; whether it’s a user-friendly web site, soothing music in the dressing rooms or prompt responses to social media engagements.

Ever noticed that disgruntled customers have way more bandwidth than happy ones? Unresolved customer service issues or product dissatisfaction can lead to negative reviews and chatter that can harm your brand. A customer-first approach and exceeding their expectations retains their business! Let’s look at a few ideas to create smiling customers, as often as possible.

Say Yes Tips:

  • Communication is key! From responsiveness on social to thanking them for supporting your small business via email marketing, how can your brand communicate with your customers?

  • Be timely when an issue arises: We get it, sometimes a ball gets dropped. But let’s not allow it to cost you business, rather build it. Have you seen when a negative review gets amended? It’s always great when someone mellows out after a disappointment and then updates reviews with how your outstanding customer service addressed the issue. If a problem can’t be solved immediately, follow up, follow up, follow up! Give an expected timeline of what will happen and who they will hear from.

  • Ask for feedback and absorb it. A high NPS score is great, but what’s better is diving deeper. Surveys and questionnaires share information you can grow from, and even having one-on-one convos with buyers through your marketing channels can give you valuable feedback.

  • From email, to social. In-person to virtual. Ensure your touchpoints are on point. Create brand loyalty and happy customers will not only come, but they will stay…

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