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Interviewing Tyler McDaniel: Tips for Paid Social Media Ads

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Tips on how paid Social Media Ads can help your company!

Meet Tyler McDaniel, our Advertising Lead! Tyler has over ten years of digital marketing, social media, e-commerce and advertising experience. Tyler handles paid advertising strategy and execution for Say Yes Solutions. We took some time to sit down with Tyler and get his advice and tips for paid social media ads!

Tyler started his career with a temp job in customer service. He worked closely with the director of social media in that position, as social media and customer service are so closely related, and eventually took on the role of social media manager. Since then, he has been in digital marketing roles in software, CPG, supplements, apparel and vitamin industries, managing websites, social, digital media, paid advertising and retail marketing.

Now, on to the tips!

Tip #1- Before looking into paid social media ads, Tyler’s advice is to ensure that the foundation of the business is solid before you pay for customers. Most businesses will be disappointed in the results of the paid platforms if they don’t have a conversion strategy built around where they're trying to get customers. This isn’t to say this has to be perfect, but there should at least be some basic strategy and ideally some customer data before adding paid options.

Tip #2- When working with a new customer, Tyler’s first goal is to understand the business objectives and the current state of the customer to make sure that paid ads are going to be the right decision. After that, it’s all about understanding the desired results from paid ads and aligning expectations. There’s often a learning curve for both the customer and the paid ads that he works to guide the customer through as well - results don’t typically come overnight.

Tip #3- There are endless social media platforms on the Internet today, and while they are constantly changing, at the moment Facebook is the most reliable. Their algorithm and the amount of user data they have is hard to beat, even with the iOS 14/15 changes. Understanding attribution and measurement is more important than ever when using Facebook's ad platform though.

Tip #4- Algorithms are constantly changing so the best way to work with the different platforms is to stay informed and test as much as possible (within reason). There are a number of online resources to stay informed on changes in strategy and technology but finding individuals who are in the weeds day-to-day is typically the best resource.

Tip #5- Financial investment and strategy is based on each individual company's wants and needs.

Interested more in paid social media ads for your company? Contact us today!


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