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SOLVED: Three Common Marketing Pain Points

Updated: May 7, 2021

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Feel like you're banging on broken keys when it comes to your marketing? We've got you covered.

Today’s marketers must be data-minded, trend chasing, social media savvy and able to acclimatize to an ever-evolving marketplace. Phew, and all of this while trying to nurture their creativity. At Say Yes, we value our “A-Team” as professionals who are not only talented in their field but are all-around awesome humans – here to make marketing accessible, fun and garner the results you need, all in one place. But what hurdles do our marketing pros face? Or why is your in-house MarCom staff overwhelmed? Let’s look at a few pain points that make establishing marketing success more challenging…

Let’s talk numbers: An industry joke, “What do hippies and marketers have in common? They both love organic!”; while true, marketers also know that big ideas can require at the very least, an adequate budget. From copywriting, digital ad buys or even hiring photographers for specialized campaigns, hours can accumulate. For small businesses, it’s even more important to be comfortable with your investment and see goals being reached, ROI being achieved. At Say Yes, we know the importance of every dollar, as we are a boutique agency and understand your money is hard-earned. A campaign didn’t produce positively? Let’s A/B test it, tweak it and discover how to get more bang for your buck!

Staying relevant: Not wanting to feel like a “boomer”? Yes, it seems like there’s always new, shiny terminology, tools and tactics and keeping up with these can be overwhelming. While at first an intern or in-house employee may feel comfortable running Facebook, it can easily become a lot to manage. Marketers know the importance of not getting stagnant, always learning and being ready for what’s next. Our team is never complacent and ready to handle all the hashtags and follows for your business.

Finding your voice: It’s a noisy marketing environment, so how do you stand out and differentiate your brand, even amongst different mediums? While it may seem like a time-saver to simply cross-post content on every platform, each social media outlet has its own unique way of being and an algorithm to cooperate with. A Tweet has character limitations, and Instagram is very visually forward. Discovering where your brand belongs and how to manage it, is critical for social success. We understand how each of these operate and how to best optimize them to reach your target audience.

There are surely other “pain points” in marketing, but we LOVE what we do and are humbled to solve these problems for our clients. So from “show me the money!”, to managing emojis, we’ve seen, heard and overcome it all – in 280 characters or less...

Ready to learn more? Connect with us today to Say Yes to more time and meaningful marketing.

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