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Meet Ellie Davis, Creator/Owner of Say Yes Business Solutions

Updated: May 7, 2021

Meet Ellie: Colorado local. Mom of two. Design & business powerhouse. In under a year, Ellie has developed a business so successful that she's also hired a team of creatives to help facilitate the workload. A high work ethic, ability to learn on her feet, and a growing roster of happy clients have all contributed to the business' early success.

As a self-described "serial entrepreneur," Ellie has a long history in ecommerce and interpersonal business management. A practical-minded person with a creative side, she has the perfect combination of talent and skill to help clients fulfill their dreams. She says, "I’m so happy to have found the perfect balance of my skills in tech, creative and business. I have landed in a spot where I feel most fulfilled, most effective and having the most impact."

In creating marketing content within a variety of verticals, one skill Ellie believes is critical is finding the voice for each business and staying consistent in that voice. "A wealth management firm isn't going to be addressing their customers in the same way as a snack company would. And even within that, different businesses have different voices that are on-brand for that particular business. It's so important, when you're representing a company, to be able to speak in their voice so that the work is consistent."

When managing such a diverse group of clients, successful time management goes a long way. Knowing what content can be repurposed, and how to do this effectively, is a skill Ellie recommends to all who are starting out marketing a business. She shares, "If you're going to invest the time to create good content, be sure to think through the multiple ways you can repurpose it for social media. A video or webinar you spent a lot of time planning could turn into 10+ video clips with clear, concise and easy-to-digest marketing for social."

With such a wide skill set up her sleeve and a happy client list growing longer by the day, Ellie and the Say Yes team are ready for anything. From logos and web design to social media, video editing and more, there is a way for any business to "Say Yes" to Ellie Davis.

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